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Nature Notes

For Wildlife sightings from around Great Britain click on the link and then select a red star!

Visit my blog: http://wildlifewanderings.blogspot.com/ for a personal, local wildlife journal.
The following links give you upto date wildlife highlights, sightings and stories from around Britain:

Visit Wildlife Britain - a web site covering many items of interest to nature enthusiasts.
The BBC also has a great archive of its own programmes from Radio to listen to again and details of its TV series - check these out here.

A highlight is BBC's "Nature's Calendar" programme.

View wildlife web cams from around Britain.
On the BirdForum site birders reports their latest sightings: go to BirdForum "Your Birding Day"

BirdForum.net - The Net's Largest Birding Community Dedicated to Wild Birds

Also the latest bird sightings can be seen on the bird track site.

BirdTrack menu image

  The UK Phenology Network - seeking to collate and store all UK data on Nature's Calendar
Take a look at the BBC's Spring Watch TV programme pages and the longer running BBC's Spring Watch project and take part this year.  English Nature also has a page dedicated to the Spring Watch recording project.
Elizabeth & Malcolm's Bluetit Pages - a great site, that monitored the course of a blue tit nest box through spring 2005 - it was quite addictive!  ALSO visit their links page for other nest box and nature diary sites, and their chat forum.



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